• Slovenčina
Zväz potápačov Slovenska

8 rooms, 2 kitchens
and large lounge areas

There are eight rooms in the cottage, which can accommodate two to four people. The cottage can be rented as a whole for 20 people.

In the case of a smaller group of up to 10 people, it is possible to rent the right or left side of the building separately.
The lounge is shared by both sides of the property.

Large lounge

The cottage has a large lounge where you can relax by the fireplace, in which crackles burning wood. You can relax in the comfortable armchairs, on the cushions or at the tables, which can be used for doing nothing or entertaining.

Rooms on the left

Izba 2
downstairs left
for 2 people
Izba 3
upstairs left, room with a balcony and lake view
for 2 people
Izba 4
top left, room with sun terrace and lake view
for 3 people
Izba 5
upstairs left, room with balcony overlooking the forest, possibility of 1 extra bed
for 2 people

Rooms on the right

Izba 6
downstairs right, 2 x raised bed
for 4 people
Izba 8
upstairs right, possibility of 1 extra bed
for 2 people
Izba 9
upstairs right
for 2 people
Izba 10
upstairs right
for 2 people

Bathrooms and kitchens

There are three toilets and three showers.
There are no en-suite rooms in the cottage.
Basic rules of a good tourist
In each wing of the cottage there is a kitchen with basic equipment, stove and refrigerator, which are fully available to guests.
Bathroom on the left
Bathroom on the right
Kitchen on the left
Kitchen on the right