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Rent the whole cottage

It is possible to rent the whole cottage for 20 people: 400,- /night.

In case of a smaller group (up to 10 people) it is possible to rent either the right or the left part of the cottage separately: 200,-/night.

The middle common room with the fireplace is shared by bothe parts.

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Booking of an individual room

Strictly only during the summer season in case of a group smaller then 10 persons and if the cottage is not otherwise booked it is possible to rent an individual room/rooms.

Next table lists prices if the cottage is not fully booked – it is possible to book individual rooms if they are available. Minimum count of accommodated guest is: 4, or payment for 4 persons.

Room type Number of beds Price
Single bed room
20 €
Double room
40 €
Triple room
50 €
Four-bedded room
60 €
extra bed 15 €

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of a binding booking is subject to the following table of applicable cancellation fee percentage and percentage of deposit paid refunded.
Days before stay Deposit refunded % Cancellation fee %
15 100 0
7 75 25
5 25 50
2 0 100
In case of booking Christmas and New Year's Eve stay without providing a substitute, the Renter pays 100% cancellation fee for cancellation within 15 days from the start date of the accommodation.
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